Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Who you rely on?

well, its been a while since i didnt update anything here, so i gonna post some word of anonymous.. (ehem)
"when u always rely on someone for help, i mean.. 100% ...everything u do u always need a person to help u, i can mostly guarantee that u'll not survive long in this cruel world. if u're still a kid, its acceptable but, even if u're a kid to be rely on someone too much is hurt in the ass, when those kid grow up, they'll give no benefit to other person around them, so, learn to be dependable. learn from mistake. try a new thing. (if it's a good thing, then its okay, if its bad, u'll get ur lesson) furthermore its not a good thing when u're always asking a favour from others. but, it's a whole different situation when a person is physically or mentally incapable of controlling themselves or handling themselves. that type of person do need help. (dont hesitate to help, the next story of ur life, might not still the same..u help people, kifarah help u back) its also can become something gore when the person that u always rely on, that u always put ur hope on, is suddenly not by ur side. u'll immediately just lose urself in the ocean world of anonymous. u'll startle. u dont know what to do. u can even lose urself. so, from now on u can TRY to learn bit by bit about something that u dont know.... appreciate a person that always helping u when u need them or not. say thank you if people does something nice to you. say sorry if u have made a mistake, put down ur ego. n yaaahh, in this world.. u're not always alone. what? ur lover dump u? u're in ur lowest? u still have God. the family. the friend. the cat. n u doesnt always have to be with people surrounding you. u are okay to be alone sometimes. u have ur own space. thats what we call ur privacy time, u need u. also, that doesnt mean u can just merely abandon someone when u want. remember who are there when u're in ur lowest.

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